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Cyrus Rodas is professional voice over artist and film actor based in Houston, TX. Though he takes his job serious, he's a performer and storyteller at heart who loves what he does, and believes he's very fortunate to do so.

Originally, Cyrus started out as a film actor, after coming back from his short stint in the Marine Corps. He studied at Next Actor Studio with his mentor, Trisha Ray, who helped evolve his skills in method acting, script breakdown, and on-camera work. After a few crossroads, he found a love for voice over in March of 2016. Within a short period of time, Cyrus began booking clients quickly, building a repertoire for himself in the Greater Houston Area. Eventually, he found himself getting signed by Pastorini-Bosby Talent as a Professional Voice Over Artist.

Cyrus has worked on many different projects over the past couple years, building his experience, and mastering his craft. Not only as a voice over talent, but as an actor. Clients have describe work with as awesome, professional, excellent at communication, quick with delivery, and "...one of my favorite talents to work with!".

Cyrus Rodas. Voice Over. Actor.