Zelda Universe

“Cyrus Rodas is a dependable client with a very professional work ethic. [He] manages to deliver all his audio recordings content with clear quality sound and performance. If anything needed redone or fixed, Cyrus would get it done and sent to me within an agreed deadline. He’s a reliable client who will produce the best works for those he works with."

- Alex Trevino with Zelda Universe

Sun and Sand Sports

"It was a pleasure working with you in this project, Sun and Sand. We all thought that you were great at making the voice sound just as the client asked, the audio session went perfect with no delays or mistakes. Thanks for everything!"

- Iliana Verdin from Sun and Sand Sports


"Amazing job! We really enjoyed working with Cyrus. He is a very talented person with an incredible voice. Everything went smoothly and Cyrus was of great service to us. Thank you. Well done!"

- Sandra Zaborowska from Planika